Nori Tamago Sumashijiru (Japanese Clear Soup with Seaweed and Egg)

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Sumashijiru is a clear Japanese soup and can be made with a number of different ingredients, limited only by the creativity of the chef. Growing up, my Mom often made sumashijiru to accompany our dinners.

One of my childhood favorites is a minimalist soup my mom often prepares with nori (seaweed) and tamago (egg) or nori tamago sumashijiru.  She often serves this with her homemade gyoza.  My mom’s gyoza and nori tamago sumashijiru was one of my favorite Japanese dinners when I was growing up.

Other dishes my Mom serves sumiashijiru with is chirashi sushi, but it’s a great accompaniment to most any Japanese dish.

On to the recipe! Just a quick post today as I am trying to post a few things that have been sitting on my computer.

This is how the soup begins: with water and dried seaweed cut or torn into small pieces…

Lightly beat the egg so that the yolk and white are barely incorporated…

The lovely nori and tamago sumashijiru of my childhood, just the way my Mom makes it…

Since this is a really short post with not much “personality”, I thought I would share the video of a singing sensation/ex-CPA/soon-to-be MBA on YouTube that one of my best childhood girlfriends (and former coworker) emailed to me a few weeks ago.

In a former life, WAY too many moons ago, while I was getting my MBA, I worked as a management consultant for the firm that is featured in the video. I’ve never met the singer as he and I worked for the firm in different eras, but it brought back fond memories of my time there. Apparently, this ex-CPA is throwing in the towel and going to business school. The video is a farewell tribute to his colleagues.

Follow this link to YouTube to see my old firm and 2 minutes of singing.

You’re debating whether to follow the link. Oh go ahead, you know you want to see an ex-CPA sing. :) It’s harmless… and this post was a little boring so go ahead!


Judy | bebe mama

My homemade dashi recipe is available here.

Nori Tamago Sumashijiru (Japanese Clear Soup with Seaweed and Egg)
Recipe type: Soup
  • 5 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon dried dashi powder (see recipe index for homemade dashi)
  • 1 tablespoon shoyu (soy sauce)
  • 2 sheets yakinori or sushi nori
  • 1 egg beaten
  1. )  Combine water in a pot and bring to boil, then reduce to medium heat.
  2. )  Tear yakinori into small pieces.  I used kitchen shears to cut the seaweed.  Add this to the pot. I often make this soup when I have yakinori (or even the teriyaki flavored nori) that has gone stale. It's a good way to use nori that would otherwise go to waste.
  3. )  Add dashi and shoyu to the soup and mix.
  4. )  Crack 1 egg in a small bowl and beat lightly.  Add this to the soup, and gently stir the egg with chopsticks until the egg cooks.


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    Loved the video clip! What a way to start off the day! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sumashijiru, a favorite of mine, too. My usually serves this with takikomi gohan. My fave! The past 2 years for my birthday, this is what I requested for my birthday dinner. Takikomi gohan and tamago sumashijiru. MMMmmmm…… Yummy! So, simple, yet so delicious!!

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      Aloha! I think I made this soup shortly after we talked about your mom’s sumashijiru. :)

      Oh, next time I have to make takikomi gohan da ne. :)

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    This looks simple enough for me to make…maybe I’ll try it!
    ha ha on the video ;) xoxo hope you guys are all well now!

    • avatar

      Yes, you can definitely make this! LOL. Loooved the video!!! Probably funnier for us since we worked there. We are finally better! Well, I’m still on the mend but sooo much better, thanks! :) xoxo

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    hahaha, am i looking into my future too?? oh nooooo~

    i always loved when obachan made that osuimono (or sumashishiru, whatever its called) it was always simple and left room for seconds. not too salty, not too filling, and very refreshing :)

    • avatar

      I love it when I find out that you’ve enjoyed the same dish that my mom made, even though we’ve eaten it at different times. I think I was at college when you guys used to stay at my parent’s house quite a bit. Ah… the old days! LOL.

      Geez, I would just about die if I saw you make a video like this a couple years from now… but somehow I might not be surprised. :P Today: m-kun would never be caught making a music video. Fast forward 10 years: m-kun makes music video. :)

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    I would enjoy a simple brothy soup like this every day of my life. I think it’s something I inherited from my paternal grandmother–it doesn’t matter if it’s sweltering outside I’d drink it if I could! I keep dashi powder in stock, too, so I don’t have a reason not to try this.

    Okay, this Accounting major will have to check out this video…

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    This is one of my all time favorites but I have never made it at home…love this :)

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    i will try this tonight:)) thank you!

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      You’re welcome! Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you will enjoy the soup!


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