2014 Coaster Run

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2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 1

I waited one year to participate in what could possible be the best 5K in Southern California: The 2014 Coaster Run.

In case you’re wondering, it’s the best, because Snoopy is the best.

Yes, Snoopy graces the finisher’s medal, as well as the Coaster Run t-shirt. It makes it all worthwhile.

About a year ago, I was looking forward to participating in the 5K Coaster Run at Knott’s Berry Farm, as well as the 1K Kid’s Run for Bebe. Last year, we tried to sign-up but we were late, and the event was sold out.

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 6

It was good we were forced to wait though. Now that Bebe is a bit older, she can handle running a short distance without our having to worry about her asking us to “dakko” her (a Japanese term meaning “to carry”), plus she’s more confident and has a better sense of accomplishment.

The woman on the left of Snoopy is probably not happy that she is pictured in my blog post (photo below), but I didn’t have a lot of time to crop photos today. I’ll explain more about what’s going on in another post.

FYI, Snoopy does not give high-fives. All fans must stay on the other side of the red flags. We tried. Kids were disappointed. Oh well, Snoopy was still really cute and Bebe was excited to see him.

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 7

Bebe actually ran her entire race (look at her go in the photo below). FYI, I walked (a good portion of) my race. She runs like a rock star through Ghost Town (at least I think that was Ghost Town or Old Town?).

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 8

It was tiring for me to keep up with her, considering I just finished my 5K (and I was out of shape for this event). Daddy was tired too, not because he also did the 5K, but because he ran his own personal Nth-K from the parking lot (far, far away) while carrying our 40-pound child, through the rain no less, in order to arrive at the Kids’ start line so that she wouldn’t miss her race. Apparently, she ran on her own for a little while, but tired out, and her little legs just couldn’t cover as much distance as my 6′ tall husband with long legs. He’s awesome. (We won’t mention that he was pretty winded. Ok, forget I wrote that. He’s still my superstar for running with our 40-pound kid, a feat I could never, ever do.)

Despite my being out of shape, the Kids’ Run was so much fun. The best part was watching Bebe smile while she ran. She just looked so happy. She also got to see Snoopy at the start line, as well as take pictures with Charlie Brown and Lucy mid-race (photo is m.i.a.).

Here’s her and her medal that she is so proud of. Snoopy is on the medal. So cute (it’s OK if I’m a gushingly proud mother).

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 9

Here’s my 1-mile marker for the 5K.

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 2

 There’s nothing like Snoopy to motivate me to participate in a 5K. Yet, I was freezing for three miles because it rained the entire time, and my smart-self left my waterproof jacket at home. My clothes were pretty wet. Fortunately, several of my friends did this 5K, and the best part was spending time with them. Thanks to M who kept me company after I couldn’t run anymore. I was very happy to see that three-mile marker because I really wanted to find a tent to get out of the rain.

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 3

 That, and the knowledge that my slice of boysenberry pie was in reach….

2014_Coaster_Run_Bebe_Love_Okazu 5

Yes, I ate pie at 8 AM. I didn’t hesitate. I was hungry after the race. And the photo is blurry because I’m walking while I’m taking the shot, and it’s half-eaten because it was at that point I remembered to take a picture.

It was a great day, despite the in-climate weather. I’m just glad that it stopped raining by the time Bebe’s Kids’ Run rolled around.

Bebe is already talking about next year’s “Snoopy Run” and how she will do the 5K with me, instead of the Kids’ Run.

This Mommy is going to need to start training a bit more in order to keep up with the little one. I will also need a new knee at some point in the future (I say that semi-jokingly).

Oh, I should also mention that since the race she has been inviting her friends to her next birthday party which is going to be a Coaster Run birthday. It alternates from riding bikes to running a race. Please note her birthday is several, and I mean SEVERAL, months away.

She’s definitely inherited my “I am a planner” gene.

We’ll have to wait and see about this year’s birthday theme (last year’s theme is available in this post here and also here), but either way, look out Coaster Run 2015… here we come!

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    Oh Judy, you are too funny! and I can’t believe Snoopy doesn’t give high fives! :(
    I just did a 5 K in the fall with Jamie for a school event, and he whined and moaned the WHOLE way. So I think Bebe E is doing a whole heck of a lot better!! Boysenberry pie was well deserved and looks yummy! Much more appetizing than the Dunkin Donuts we got after our race. lol.

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      I would totally run for Dunkin Donuts! LOL. Sorry to hear about Jamie, maybe he just needs a motivator (such as Snoopy). ;)