Green Dessert for St. Patricks Day & Shamrock Craft

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For the past two months I’ve been craving my Mom’s jello cheesecake dessert.

St. Patrick’s Day seemed the perfect excuse for Bebe and I to make this together and “greenify” it for a festive March 17th.

I changed the original dessert recipe from a walnut crust to that which is made of graham cracker crumbs.

We also added several drops of green food coloring to the creamy cheesecake filling.

Finally, we chose a brilliant and bright lime flavored jello for the topping.

It was an easy dessert to make, and fun for Bebe and I to make together. Her favorite part was adding drops of green food coloring to the creamy filling and of course mixing it all in with the spatula.

I love cooking with Bebe because it provides a great opportunity to count and measure. We also talk about halves equaling a whole or 1/2 + 1/2 = 1.

As for the final verdict of our St. Paddy’s day dessert, it was delicious and perfectly satisfied my craving. Bebe actually prefers to eat just the jello portion of the dessert, but it was truly a good way to finish our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner.

Follow the link for the jello cheesecake recipe.

TIPS to Remember:

  • use lime green jello
  • add green food coloring (about 8 to 10 drops) to the cream filling
  • substitute walnuts for graham cracker crumbs if you prefer

Finally, Bebe made these “stained glass window” shamrocks out of contact paper and colored tissue paper squares. It’s similar to something we made for Halloween 2013, but I never got around to posting that craft.




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    Looks yummy — love the color!
    I’m working on a Jello themed pattern for bolt fabric right now, so Jello is very much on the mind! lol

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      You have the coolest job, Melissa! :) That sounds like a fun project!

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