2014 Happy Valentines Day!

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Valentines Day 2014 Bebe_Love_Okazu

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing all of those who read and visit my Bebe Love Okazu blog , my family and friends, a heartfelt and happy February 14th!

For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about sweet nothings for your partner, but about remembering the love and friendship in my life and appreciating what I have.

♥ This morning Bebe woke us up and we wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

♥ I missed a phone call from my Mom but she left a sweet voicemail wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

♥ Today I went to Bebe’s Valentine’s Day party at school and got to watch her and her friends exchange little cards, gifts, and eat lunch and treats. She looked happy.

♥ Last week Bebe had bronchitis, and this week I had it. Let’s just say it’s been a pretty rough two weeks given the hubster and Nene also have colds. This afternoon, I had the chance to rest in bed while Bebe napped beside me.

♥ For dinner, I didn’t cook for our family tonight like I usually do on Valentine’s Day because I still haven’t regained my energy and let’s just say that I haven’t cooked all week and I kinda didn’t want to break that streak. ;) Instead, the hubster asked if I wanted to go out or have him pick-up take-out. I opted for take-out since I’m still not feeling that well and would rather stay home and watch the Olympics. His response: “Ok hunnie, this is your Valentine’s take-out dinner.” You see, after X number of years of marriage, not planning a date (or a raincheck) for a Valentine’s night out all of a sudden doesn’t matter all that much.

♥ Bebe is wearing little pink and red hearts on her dress today and she looks Valentines-y cute.

♥ I cut out little paper red and pink hearts. Bebe wrote little “I Love You” notes on them for her Mommy and Daddy. I wrote one for the hubster too. A simple “I Love You” says it all.

♥ All this week, even though the husbster was sick with a cold he dutifully took on household chores, cooking (or take-out) and taking care of Bebe while I struggled with my hacking cough and general bronchitis malaise from either the bed or the couch. Valentine’s day isn’t just about February 14th, it’s every day, if you take a moment out of each day to appreciate whatever love is in your life.

♥ As for a new recipe in this post… I couldn’t do it. It’s been a rough week. I did however, have some leftover sugar cookie dough (recipe in link) in the freezer (thank goodness) and managed to cut some hearts out for Bebe so that she could decorate her annual V-day cookies.

♥ Take out just arrived as I’m finishing up this post. Now I get to eat from my favorite Japanese restaurant in my neck-o-the-woods and I get to read a Valentine’s story book to Bebe at bedtime, then lie on my couch and watch figure skating with the hubster while he somewhat watches this sport with interest. All is right in my world. I hope it is so in your world too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, BebeMama!! Hope you feel better soon!

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      Thanks LB friend! :)

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    Oh dear — I hope you feel better soon! Hope you had a happy Valentine’s anyway. Take out sounds good!

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      Aw thanks Melissa. Still recovering but getting better.

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    Such a sweet blog and the recipes sound so yummy

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      Thank you, Kay for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. It’s always nice to hear from folks who stop by. :)

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