December Forget-Me-Nots

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Dec 2013 - 1

Today, I’m sharing a family journal post so we can one day look back and remember these days….

♥ Our baby beta fish just died. Bebe expressed her sadness and disappointment on the loss of a friend, shortly thereafter she says: “I have a GREAT idea, Mommy! We can cook the beta fish and eat it for dinner. Although the fish was about an inch long and wouldn’t provide meaningful sustenance for a meal, that’s besides the point. Mommy says: “We don’t eat our pets and if you would like a fish dinner we could go to the market today.” This actually isn’t the first time a fish passed and she had a similar “GREAT” idea, but somehow it’s a recurring theme. For now, Bebe agrees that eating our pet isn’t a good idea.

♥ Our “Elf On The Shelf” named Mei Lan graciously returned to our home over Thanksgiving weekend. She was met with much squealing, jumping up and down, and excitement. Later that day, she asked me how our elf flies home when she is only made of felt.  Mommy says: “She’s magical, so of course she can fly home in felt! Don’t be ridiculous! Also, felt helps her stay warm.” Bebe nods and laughs approvingly.

Elf -1

♥ Bebe asks: “Where’s Santa today?” Mommy says: “At the North Pole”. Bebe says: “No he’s not! He’s at South Coast Plaza, silly! Didn’t you say that I could visit him on Wednesday and take pictures with him?” Sometimes, Mommy just can’t get it right… Bebe giggles. She thinks I’m funny.

♥ Bebe asks: “How does Santa get to the mall, Mommy?” Mommy says: “He flies, of course.” Bebe asks: “Well, where does Santa park his reindeer and sleigh when he’s at the mall, Mommy?” (So many really GOOD questions at the age of 4….) Mommy says, “If he parks, it’s probably on the roof of the mall, BUT, I think his reindeer actually drop him off, because they don’t want to wait around on the roof of the mall ALL day long. They fly around, and when Santa’s ready to head home, they come back to pick him up.” Bebe nods approvingly.

♥ After we hung our stockings above the fireplace, we found “Baby’s” stocking. Baby’s her favorite plastic baby which she’s cared for the past three years and actually refers to her occasionally as “my plastic baby that popped out of my stomach.” Bebe wanted to hang her Baby’s stocking up, so we did. Suddenly, drama hits. Bebe says: “Mommy!!!!! I forgot to ask Santa to bring something for BABY!!!! Now her stocking will be empty on Christmas.” Bebe was VERY upset by this. Mommy says, “We can write Santa a letter to let him know we forgot to ask for something for Baby and then we can ask him in the letter.” Bebe is sufficiently appeased and excited.

Baby Stocking

♥ Mommy asks, “What does Baby want for Christmas?” Bebe says, “Baby wants a baby (tiny) Christmas tree and baby ornaments to decorate the baby tree. AND, a baby skateboard. AND a baby necklace.” Mommy thinks Baby sure desires many things for a plastic baby…. Mommy says, “We better start working on writing that letter then.” Bebe says, “Mommy, would you please write it because it might take me a long time.” Mommy believes this would be a good exercise in dictation (and phonics) so Bebe will likely be writing, not Mommy ….

♥ Elmo’s Sesame Street Christmas Special was on PBS this morning. Santa was seen dancing to rock and roll music with Elmo and his other monster friends. Bebe says, “What’s Santa doing?!?!!! He’s doing rock-n-roll. He’s supposed to be delivering presents!!!” Mommy laughs A LOT and gives her a kiss. Bebe says, “What’s so funny, Mommy? And how come so many kisses?” Mommys says, “Because you’re so adorable and it’s great to be four.”

Happy December!





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    Sooo cute! It IS great to be four! We went to Jamie’s old pre-school over the weekend. It was very nostalgic. He was there from 2 to 5! Have fun enjoying all these gems of Bebe E. So lovely….!

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    This is so cute and funny! I especially like the quote about Bebe’s baby popping out of her stomach :) I always feel so good about writing stories about my kids on my blog because I have such a terrible memory. Sometimes I go back and read about the crazy things my son said or did (he’s 9 now).

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