Happy Thanksgiving!

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Pinecone Turkey

Today, I picked up Bebe from school and afterwards as we walked to the library, she held my hand and simply said to me in that sweet voice of hers, “I love you Mommy very much”, to which I responded, “I love you too.” An older woman happened to be walking nearby and overheard Bebe, and commented to me on how precious these moments are.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I look back at our year and realize we have much to be thankful for. I’m guilty of taking for granted some of the simple things in life but it’s a good time to remember all the good family and friends we have and to remind ourselves that we have much to be grateful for.

On and off for the past two weeks, Bebe and I have been working on Thanksgiving and Fall crafts. I haven’t made the time to photograph all of them and share them on the blog for Bebe’s journal, but hopefully I can get to that soon. Bebe made the pinecone turkey photographed above. I love how she added so many turkey plumes to make such a beautiful turkey. :)

Last year, I took the time to compile a medley of Thanksgiving menu items from my blog. That post can be found here (2012 Thanksgiving Menu Ideas). Some of the dishes include the following:

Green beans and mushrooms
Cream Corn
Sausage, Apple and Cranberry Stuffing
OREO Turkey Cookies
Pumpkin Dip
Roasted Golden Cauliflower
Pumpkin Soup
Sweet Potato Souffle
Cornbread Casserole
Persimmon, Pomegranate and Mint Salad
Pumpkin Mochi

Perhaps one of the recipes above will make it on to your Thanksgiving dining table. I hope all of you have a spectacular (that’s a fancy word for “great” as Fancy Nancy and my Bebe would say) holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Judy!!

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      Thanks Melissa!

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