Halloween Crafts 2013

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Halloween Crafts - 2

Halloween crafts is one of our favorite past-times lately. We started out by making a ghost footprints. It’s been almost three years since we took footprints of Bebe E so it was bittersweet to see how big her feet have grown. 

Anytime Bebe makes a “scary face” she draws an unhappy face, therefore, you will notice this “scary look” throughout her Halloween artwork. Pretty cute, I must say!

Halloween Crafts - 1

Since earlier in the month, I’d been collecting our leftover toilet paper rolls, you know, the inner brown cardboard thing. Bebe would help me pick off any leftover toilet paper scraps on the inner roll and then I would store them for later.

As we approached Halloween, every few days we would make a new toilet paper roll monster. Fun stuff!

Skeleton Craft

Finally, we made these little skeletons out of Q-tips that I saw floating around the Internet. While Bebe made this, the inner nerd in me Googled the names of the human skeletal system and attempted to teach her: vertebrae, humerus, rib cage, skull, tibia, fibula etc. She remembers the first three and I think that’s better than not knowing the names of any bones. Mission accomplished! Wherever possible I try to incorporate some dictation where I spell the object and Bebe practices writing her letters. She’s getting pretty good with her lower case letters.

Craft Supplies

Ghost craft: white washable paint on black construction paper. We used Q-tips with black washable paint to create the face of the ghosts.

Toilet paper monsters: washable paints, markers, googly eyes, craft glue, glue gun, and black and orange construction paper. Mummy: gauze; Frankenstein: beads for his neck “pins”. Note, for the Mummy I made a glue wash by mixing glue and water and had Bebe paint the glue on the toilet paper roll and stick on the gauze. Cut the gauze into thinner strips.

Skeleton: Q-tips and glue.

Happy Halloween!


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    AWESOME!! Love all the crafts Bebe E made!! Good job, BebeMama!!

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      Thanks, LB!

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    You’re such a great mom, Judy! Love all the crafts. :) Bebe E is so cute with her frown faces. What will she be for Halloween? J is going high tech on me… I still have to make part of his costume….

    • avatar

      Thanks, Melissa! We’re home many days out of the week so I’m always looking for ways to entertain her. Given Halloween is also a favorite holiday of mine, I can’t help but have fun too! Bebe’s going to be Little Mermaid / Princess Ariel this year. Of course, she decided this a year ago during last year’s Halloween season. LOL.

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