Pearl in a Clam Cookies

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Pearl in a Clam Cookies - 1

As promised in my last post, this is the second of two desserts from Bebe’s little pool party with her cousins. Along with the “fish-outta-water” jello cups, Bebe and Nene had fun making these little “clams” with pearl cookies.

I saw a number of different cookies used to create the “clam shells” but I chose Nilla Waffers since they’re a favorite of Bebe’s. The “pearls” are yogurt covered raisins, and the inside of the clam (and “glue” that holds it all together) is vanilla frosting that I tinted with a drop of food coloring.

The assembly is pretty straightforward and the results are simply cute and fun for little ones (and perhaps older ones too). ;)

I should probably mention, however, that when I sent a picture of these clam cookies to Aya-chan and Naz, Naz thought they were mushrooms and Aya-chan asked me if clams had “eyes”. Sheesh! ;)

Fortunately, Bebe and her big sis, Nene, volunteered to make these little “clam” cookies along with pretty star-shaped chewy sugar cookies (recipe available here) so my party-prep was significantly reduced. Thanks girls!

Pearl in a Clam Cookies - 3

Above is a shot from our little dessert table. I went overboard on the kid to lollipop ratio, but it’s a party after all and a party isn’t a party unless you’ve got treats n’ sweets for the kiddos!

Aside from our family get together, Bebe and I have been busy touring different preschool programs and we’re still enjoying ballet with our friends and leisurely park play dates. Summer is half-way over, but we’re still making the most of each day and trying to make this summer count.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer too!

Pearl in a Clam Cookies - 2


Pearl in a Clam Cookies
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 20
  • 40 Nilla Waffer Cookies (clam shells)
  • 3 tablespoons vanilla flavored frosting
  • 1 drop of food coloring of your choice
  • 20 yogurt covered raisins (pearls)
  • ½ teaspoon black icing
  • 1 plastic ziplock bag (for icing the eyes on the clams)
  1. On the back (flat side) of the Nilla wafer, spread small amount of frosting.
  2. Place pearl towards the center-front of the frosted wafer.
  3. Add just a touch of frosting on the bottom of a second Nilla wafer and attach the cookie on top of the pearl, and making sure the back of the top wafer is touching the back edge of the bottom wafer.
  4. Set aside, allow the frosting to set.
  5. Repeat until all "clams" are assembled.
  6. Cut a very tiny opening in the corner of the ziplock bag. Place about 1 teaspoon of black icing in the corner of the bag with the tiny opening. Gently squeeze out two little eyes onto each top of clam.
  7. Allow the clams to dry, and set if you are going to cover them with plastic wrap.



  1. avatar

    Cute clam cookies!! I don’t think clams has eyes, but cute nonetheless.
    Love spread. So, creative!

    • avatar

      Thanks! Yes, just a cute characterization with the eyes, but they served their purpose for added cuteness. ;)

  2. avatar

    Judy, you continue to amaze!! Love this project with the girls. The clams and pearls are so adorable!

    • avatar

      Oh I wish I could take full credit for this, however it’s just another Pinterest-inspired treat which fit well for our Little Mermaid themed swim get together. ;) Bebe did love them, though! She thought they were so cute!

  3. avatar

    These are ADORABLE! I want them to be real and take care of them in my sea cave.
    Will give this recipe a try!

  4. avatar

    How far ahead can these be made?

    • avatar

      I made these the night before and the frosting does become slightly dried on the exterior. Perhaps better results (i.e. less drying) if they are stored in ziplock bags. I had them wrapped in plastic wrap and I may have even placed them in the fridge overnight.

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