First Dance Recital

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Bebe recently had her first dance recital. She looked as though she was having so much fun on the big stage with her beaming smile. She did a fabulous job remembering her routine to “Big Rock Candy Mountain” and we really loved the big kisses she blew to all of us at the end of her performance. Even though she couldn’t see us in the darkened audience, she knew we were watching her and cheering her on. We’re so proud of her accomplishment.

And yes, in case you are wondering, this Mama had tears of happiness and pride in her eyes throughout the performance. Sappy? Perhaps. Or was I just being a Mom?

Back in October of last year she enrolled in a ballet and tap class at a local dance studio and every week she’s been lucky to have this class to look forward to. So far, the class has been great for her development, i.e. listening and following instruction, socializing with other three and four year old girls her age, and simply experiencing something new and enjoying an activity she really loves.

Thank you to all four grandparents, Nene, Uncle T and his family, Aya-chan, Tapatio Guy, my BFF, Konbu and Uncle F! Thank you for being at Bebe’s performance to support her. She was so incredibly happy that all of you watched her dance in her first recital.

Keep dancing, little one. We’re so proud of you! We love you!

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    Congrats to Bebe E! Such a big girl now!! :)

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