Happy Fathers Day!

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 Fathers Day 2013 - 1

Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks Dad for your patience, love, support, and all that you do for us. We love you very much!

Fathers Day 2013 - 4

Thanks for bringing over all the delicious crab, T. Hope you had a great Father’s Day too – you’re a good Dad.
…And thanks for the pointers on the crab meat removal and showing us the piles and piles of crab meat you were able to collect. Totally awesome.

Fathers Day 2013 - 5

Thanks Uncle Konbu for being Bebe’s playmate and playing Princess Cupcakes. She’s asking for another play date.

Fathers Day 2013 - 3

A special Happy Father’s Day to my dear Uncle who will always be my ‘other dad’. Thank goodness I don’t get “hanaji” anymore when you come over. Glad I outgrew that one!

Fathers Day 2013 - 2

Last but not least, Happy Dad’s Day to the hubster for being a great dad to Nene and Bebe, and of course, for always making funny faces on the fly.

Fathers Day 2013 - 9

Happy Father’s Day!


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    Love the pics!!
    Especiall the one with Bebe and Daddy!!
    Too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

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      Thanks friend!

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