Farmers Market: Silent Saturday

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Since every blogger has an occasional “Silent Saturday”, “Silent Sunday” or “Wordless Wednesday”, I thought I’d join the bandwagon and post a few pictures from a trip to our local Farmer’s Market.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to be “silent” or “wordless”, but I’m trying.

Lazy weekends usually involve a brief trip to our local Farmer’s Market, a trip to the park so that Bebe E can play on the teeter-totter and jungle gym, and some couch potato time.

There are a few loads of laundry waiting for me and a much needed trip to the grocery store but I’ll reserve those for my “work day” Monday. :) Today, I’m simply relaxing.

Although it’s warmer and sunny today, I was still inclined to make a pot of soup for lunch. This mood was likely due to the fact that it’s been cold and rainy that last few days. It was one of my thrown together creamy soups served with slices of French bread. It was delicious, yet I wasn’t in the mood to take photos or measure anything which is why I’m sharing Farmer’s Market faire photos instead. I promise to share this creamy soup another day.

There’s my favorite dinosaur kale, again! (Follow link for my recent post on sauteed dinosaur kale.)

Before we went to the Farmer’s Market we stopped at Barnes and Nobles. On the shelf, I immediately spotted the children’s book, Hush Little Monster, that my friends Melissa Iwai and Denis Markell illustrated and wrote. While I didn’t say anything to Bebe E, thinking that she might find the book a little scary (the book is not scary for pre-schoolers), she immediately pointed to the book on the shelf and told me that THIS was the book she wanted.

As you can see below, she wouldn’t let go of her book and she had to carry her “Hush Little Monster” around the Farmer’s Market. We’ve since read the book several times together, sometimes she asks me to sing the story to her to the music of “Hush Little Baby.” Today, she can “read” the story to you, as she’s memorized most of it and can narrate the story based upon the illustrations. :)

If you’re thinking of a new book for the Halloween season, please consider this wonderful, not spooky, lullaby book written and illustrated by my friends. It’s a keeper, even after Halloween, as it is more of a monster lullaby book. Visit my friend Melissa Iwai’s blog for more details: The Hungry Artist.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and that your weekend is lovely! I probably won’t do another “Silent” or “Wordless” post anytime soon. Clearly, I’m not good at being quiet, or wordless! I’ll see you back here on Monday for a regularly scheduled recipe post.





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    Happy Sunday, BebeMama!

    Nice pictures of the colorful vegetables, fruits & eggs at the Farmer’s Market. Cute of bebe E and her new book, too! Wish it was a silent/lazy Sunday for me, but unfortunately for me I’ve got organ duty at the church.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and wish it was cool here on the islands. It is still humid here. I hope it cools down soon.

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      Aloha, my friend! Thank you! Ganbatte with the organ! Unfortunately we are having a warm day and it’s supposed to be very hot this week. You have a good Sunday too!

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    Oh my gosh, Judy! I was going to gush about how beautiful your photos are and how lucky you are to live in California, when I got to the part about our book! Thanks so, so much for your support!! D and I really appreciate it. And I’m SO happy to hear Bebe E likes it!! That is the best part of all — and also she’s in the best photo! What a cutie pie!

    We’ll have to sign it next time we come to CA!

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      You’re welcome! We love your book. As a matter of fact, Bebe E was JUST “reading” it again to her baby. :) When she saw the inside jacket cover, she pointed to your picture and said, “that’s my friends!” I should edit that into the blog post. It was very cute and she was so excited. After that, there was no putting down that book. She will be very excited to have you and Denis sign her book. Whenever we read your Soup Day, I read the little note you inscribed on the front page and if I don’t read it, she tells me I forgot to read it. :) Keep up the wonderful work. We really enjoy your stories and illustrations!

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